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CISSP All In One Exam Guide 6th Edition Download

CISSP All In One Exam Guide 6th Edition Download

This guide would be including the following topics:

•    Brief Description of the CISSP certification

•    Reasons for achieving a CISSP Credential

•    What does the CISSP exam is going to entail

•    The CBK or Common Body of Knowledge and what it is going to contain

•    The history of (ISC) 2 and Introduction to the CISSP exam

•    An assessment test so as to gauge your current knowledge of security.

This book is intended not only to provide you with the necessary information so as to help you to gain the CISSP certification but also to welcome you in the challenging and exciting world of security. The Certified Information Systems Security Professional examination or CISSP Examination is going to cover ten different subject areas, which are more commonly referred to as domains. The subject matter of each domain could be easily seen as its own area of study, and in many cases, individuals are going to work exclusively in these fields as experts. For many of these subjects, you could consult and reference extensive resources so as to become an expert in that area. That is undefined why there is a widespread misconception that the only way to succeed on the CISSP is to immerse you in a lot of textbooks and learning materials. Fortunately, there is a simpler way.

By using this sixth edition of the CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide, you would be able to successfully complete and pass the CISSP exam and achieve your CISSP certification. The goal of this book is simply to combine into a single resource which would provide the candidates with all the information that you need to pass the CISSP exam and help you understand how the domains interact with each other so that you would be able to develop a comprehensive approach that you would lead your insecurity. This book also serves as useful even after you’ve achieved your CISSP certification.


Why Become a CISSP?

As our world is changing day by day, the need for improvements in security and technology also continues to grow. Security was once again having become quite a hot issue and that too not only in the field of technology but now it is also becoming more and more a part of our day-to-day lives. Security would be considered to be an important concern of each and every organization, government agency, and military unit. Before ten years computer and information security believed to be an obscure field that only concerned to a few limited people. Because the risks at that time were essentially low, so very few were interested in security expertise.

The CISSP certification is also helpful to the companies who are identifying which individuals are having the ability, knowledge, and experience that would be necessary to implement solid security practices; identify necessary countermeasures; perform risk analysis; and help the organization as a whole, to protect its facility, network, systems, as well as information.


The CISSP certification would also show the potential employers that you have achieved a level of proficiency and expertise in the skill sets and knowledge required by the security industry. The increasing importance that is being placed on security in corporate success isn’t be stopping any time soon in the future. Instead, it is going to lead to even greater demands so as to achieve highly skilled security professionals.


Achieving the CISSP certification is going to shows that a respected third-party organization has been recognized as an individual’s technical and theoretical knowledge and expertise, and distinguishes that individual from those who lack this level of knowledge. So if you are willing to boost your career chances, this certification is a must have, which will provide you with better job opportunities for the future.